Advisory Board

Members of the advisory board

Anna Eliasson SchamisSenior Advisor, Fundraising and Business Development

Annika Rembe, Director-General, Svenska Institutet (Swe)

Cecilia Hertz, CEO & Founder, Umbilical Design (Swe)

Cordula Wohlmuther, Project Coordinator, Project Tourism and Peace (Austria)

Daria Akhutina, Director, Norden Association of Russia (St.Petersburg)

Dave van Smeerdijk, Head of Marketing and Sales, Wilderness Safaries (South Africa)

Faith Taylor, Innovation and Sustainability Expert for Wyndham Worldwide (U.S)

Fredrik Karlström, Minister of Enterprise, Åland (Åland)

Henrik Höglund, Director New Business Development, Ericsson Group Function Strategy (Swe)

Karin Nilsdotter, CEO, Spaceport Sweden (Swe)

Maria Lexhagen, PhD/Director, ETOUR (Swe)

Michael Flynn, Scientist of the Bioenginering Branch at NASA (U.S)

Michael Martelon, President and CEO, Telluride Tourism Board (U.S)

Rolf Andre Sandvik, Vice President Destination Development, SIVA SF (Norway)

Stefan Gustafsson, vice President Strategic Security, SSC- Swedish Space Corporation (Swe)

Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, UNWTO: United Nations World Tourism Organisation (Spain)

Teo Hären, Creativity Expert, (Swe)

Tim Smit, Chief Executive and co-founder, Eden Project (U.K)

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