The Swedish Tourism Innovation Center offers several well proven Conference concepts, the three main concepts beeing:


Global Tourism Innovation Summit

“Global Tourism Innovation Summit” is an inspirational conference about innovative entrepreneurship, sustainable future and innovative solutions for the tourism industry. The conference will bring world leading experts together to share there expertise and show by best practice how Tourism can grow and become successful through Innovations and technology transfers.

The Conference “Global Tourism Innovation Summit” It is designed to cover a broad area of the Tourism industry to give several good examples and inspirations of services and innovations from leading companies and experts. Listen to world-renowned profiles during the “Global Tourism Innovation Summit” and national speakers with exciting projects.


Tourism and Peace Conference

The conference Tourism & Peace presents and discusses interdisciplinary fields of tourism and peace, based on the International Handbook on Tourism and Peace. The purpose of the conference is to raise awareness among the public, private and civil sector on how tourism can contribute to peace in conflict and post-conflict areas and to create opportunities for further cooperation between peace-building institutions. Keynote speakers will be a combination of leading specialists, scientists, politicians and practitioners in the field. The conference will be a platform for fruitful discussions between different stakeholders on how to bring this research further, The Tourism & Peace Conference will summarize the conference in an action plan.

The Tourism & Peace Conference is a reoccurring international event. We are currently searching for a host city/country for the next Tourism & Peace Conference


Tourism Investment Summit

  • Brings tourism companies and entrepreneurs together with investors
  • Provides valuable contacts with investors and representatives from the capital market
  • Offers the investors and the capital market an understanding of the  tourism industry and its requirements
  • Offers the investors knowledge regarding specific investment opportunities in companies from different parts and segments of the tourism industry
  • Provides companies, entrepreneurs and investors targeted information and education regarding the tourism industry