Kurbits good practices example in EU

The European Commission nominates Kurbits, a Swedish business development program, designed especially for small businesses in the tourism industry, as best practice in the framework of the EU strategy “Europe, the world’s No 1 tourist destination.” The Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry (RTS), is now invited to present Kurbits to the European Union Directorate with responsibility for tourism issues.

Kurbits is owned and operated by RTS and Kurbits is the first national business development program that caters specifically to small-scale tourism enterprises with industry-specific methodology, content and tools. Over 400 entrepreneurs have completed the program across the country and have with Kurbits developed their business and increase their profitability.

Kurbits has now been nominated as a pioneering example in the EU for cross-sector initiative and innovation in the field of tourism as a means to boost competitiveness in the sector with the involvement of small and medium enterprises. The award is announced at the beginning of autumn 2013, when the European Commission aims to establish recommendations for the use of common models and transferring best practices within the tourism sector at European level.

– This is incredibly exciting. What started as a pilot project in Dalarna has now evolved into a national innovation system identified in Europe. Our hope is that Kurbits will give ripples for more and contribute to the development outside its borders, says Jan Lundin, CEO, the Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry Federation (RTS).

Read more www.kurbits.org.

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