RTS initierar turismutvecklingsprojekt i Östersjöregionen

The Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry (RTS), starts a project to contribute to tourism development in the Baltic Sea region. The project, called “Business Generating System”, has received support from the Swedish Institute in an initialization phase and is based on establishing cooperation between organizations in the Baltic Sea region. The aim is for increased cooperation and exchange of knowledge about tourism entrepreneurs’ opportunities and challenges in the region. The long-term goal is to create a common market and develop the entire Baltic Sea region into an attractive tourist destination.

The majority of all tourism related activities in the Baltic Sea region are small caps that need tools to further develop their businesses. The project “Business Generating System” is to bring together various stakeholders from different disciplines and countries to develop standardized tools, methods and models for tourism development in the region. Something that can create a more competitive environment, attract investment and stimulate growth for the entire Baltic Sea region.

Project partners is the Nordic Council of Ministers in Kaliningrad and representatives from the tourism division at the Ministry of Economy of Latvia and Lithuania.

The long term aim is that the project “Business Generating System” will be identified as one of the EU Commission’s so-called flagship projects as of 2014.

– Alone is not strong. The Baltic Sea region is our common market and the development potential is enormous. Here we have the opportunity to share our experiences and learn from others. With Sweden as a force for innovation and tourism development, we can help to develop a system solution that can be an engine of growth for the Baltic Sea Region’s development, says Jan Lundin, CEO, the Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry Federation.

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