Swedish Tourism Innovation Center new partner in UN project on tourism and peace

Swedish Tourism Innovation Center is a new partner in a programme on ”Tourism and Peace”, an initiative by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Klagenfurt University, Austria. Within the programme Tourism and Peace, a project on the elaboration of guidelines for conflict-sensitive business practices will be carried out. The role of the center will be to communicate and disseminate information on how tourism can become a peace-building force in conflict areas around the world.

-It is an honor to be appointed partner in an international project promoting tourism while aiming at creating a better world. Tourism and Peace complies well with our ambition to position Sweden and our activities in the international arena, says Jan Lundin, CEO at the Swedish Tourism Innovation Center.

Tourism often operates in conflict-affected environments although tourism operators often lack the understanding and capacity of how to reduce the risk of conflict, let alone how to avoid a negative impact on the conflict. It is this lack of understanding and capacity that the project wishes to address based on the assumption that tourism can play an enhanced positive role in peace-building. The project provides practical guidelines on how tourism can do business while contributing to peace in conflict areas.

The Center for Peace Research and Peace Education at the University Klagenfurt in Austria operates the project together with Compass GmbH, International Alert, Swisspeace, och now also with the Swedish Tourism Innovation Center.

-Sweden has a good reputation in tourism linked to sustainability and innovation and is a credible actor in questions regarding international peace and security. We are therefore very happy that the Swedish Tourism Innovation Center has become our partner in the project, says Cordula Wohlmuther, Project Leader at the Center for Peace Research and Peace Education i Österrike.

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