Swedish Tourism Innovation Center appointed as agent for the “Erasmus program for tourism businesses”

Swedish Tourism Innovation Center appointed as focal point for European exchange program for entrepreneurs.

The European Commission has selected Swedish Tourism Innovation Center (svb) as local contact for the ” Erasmus for young entrepreneurs in the tourism industry” – a cross-border exchange program that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs in other countries.

– Being a local contact for this EU program is recognition of our business and is in line with our efforts to develop tourism in Sweden. This means that you as a business in the hospitality industry may be staying with an experienced entrepreneur in another EU country, or receive an EU-employed in your own business. Through our business development program Kurbits, we have direct access to around 450 entrepreneurs with ambitions to grow and create international networks. We see a great opportunity for the right Kurbits companies to participate, says Jan Lundin, CEO of Swedish Tourism Innovation Center (svb) .

New entrepreneurs may visit experienced entrepreneurs in other countries and thus gain practical knowledge of what it takes to run a business. Experienced Swedish companies are also able to host businesses.As host entrepreneur, you can through the program get new networks and new perspective on your business, the opportunity to learn about other markets and cooperate with foreign partners. The program can add value to both new entrepreneurs and host companies. Benefits of participation may be exchange of knowledge and experiences, networking opportunities across Europe, new business opportunities and better knowledge of foreign markets

To participate in the program requires that the prospective entrepreneur has either come far in planning to start their own business or that the company has been around for more than three years. The initiative is also aimed at experienced entrepreneurs who own or operate a business.

The stay is partly funded by the European Union.

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