The Innovation Center launches new platform for cooperation with Kazakhstan

The Swedish Tourism Innovation Center launched it latest project – Sweden Kazakhstan Business Council, last thursday the 4th of December at an event at Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm the latest project.

The Sweden – Kazakhstan Business Council is business network and platform for private and public sector organizations in Sweden and Kazakhstan. The Council will promote trade between the two countries with special focus on promoting export of products and knowhow from Swedish companies to the positive development of the Kazakstan market.

The council will organize events such as high level roundtable discussions, workshops, seminars as well as technical visits to Kazakhstan.

The Council will also facilitate contacts between Swedish companies and Kazakhstan counterparts.

The Council will also serve as a help desk for Swedish companies that would like to learn more and conduct business on the Kazakhstan market.


The Swedish Government has pointed out Kazakhstan to be one of Sweden’s top 20 most important trade partners. In support of this recognition, Kazakhstan opened an Embassy in Stockholm beginning of 2014. The Sweden – Kazakhstan Business Council is created in the spirit of co-operation and to facilitate the increasing trade between the two Nations.

The Swedish Tourism Innovation Center AB is the founder and formal body of the Council. The Innovation Center is a plattform for cross border and private – public cooperations.

Read more about the Council at


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