UAE Ministry of Economy invites the Swedish Tourism Innovation Center to Dubai

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy together with the UNWTO has taken the initiative to launch a re occurring Forum in Dubai to address the changing landscape of Tourism. The new Forum ” Tourism Innovation and Transformation Forum 2016″ will be held in Dubai the 23 of November. Jan Lundin from the Swedish Tourism Innovation Center is invited to the Forum to share insights and practical examples of  working with innovation processes related to Tourism.

Tourism Innovation and Transformation Forum is an innovation focused event to provide a platform for regional stakeholders to understand the benefits of innovation. It will focus on the role of innovation in transforming tourism and how government and tourism organisations should prepare themselves for this transformation.

The travel and hospitality industry has been delivering great service for long time. Tourism is one of the greatest UAE industries, improving according to the continuous changes in tourism trends and consumer preferences. It is this need to change that makes the concept of innovation a vital concern for tourism firms of all sizes – they need to stand out from the strong competition with successful and profitable operations.

The tourism industry in the region is undergoing a massive shift with changing regional and international tourism patterns. An innovation based approach is the need of the hour and Ministry of Economy – UAE is proposing an annual forum that can lead such a transformation in the UAE Industry mirroring H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid’s vision about innovation and smart city / smart tourism.

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