VINNOVA beviljar medel för framtidens digitala turismupplevelser

Innovation Agency Vinnova, under announcement Challenge Driven Innovation Initiation in 2013, granted the Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry (RTS) to develop digital services to make available a total experience of nature and culture in Sweden. The project title is “The Ultimate Experience”.

Vinnova’s citation reads: “The availability of sustainable, competitive total experience of nature and culture in Sweden is a challenge and a goal for the whole of Sweden, and one in the largely untapped potential growth engine. A powerful constellation as a concrete working out practical solutions, services and offerings, we expect to have great potential to achieve collaborative program in challenge-driven innovation spirit.

The long-term goal is to develop digital platforms that increase accessibility to tourist attractive, durable holistic experiences of nature and culture in Sweden. Platforms will enable companies in the tourism industry and suppliers of digital solutions throughout the customer journey to develop new internationally competitive offerings based on the current and future customer needs.

Project partners to RTS is: SJ, Strömma Tourism & Shipping, Malmö Aviation, cluster environments Peak Innovation and Future Position X (FPX), Linköping University, Ericsson, ETOUR, Stockholm Resilience Centre, the Swedish Transport Administration, National Property Board, National Heritage Board Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Forest Agency, Region Dalarna, Gävleborg Region and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL), via the project “Centre for eSociety”.

– This is a very exciting development and a major step toward new joint innovation opportunities and we look forward to further developing the project with all involved. This is just the beginning. The ultimate goal is that together we will be able to contribute to sustainable growth, social benefits and market potential, said Jan Lundin, CEO of RTS.

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