International Alert

The research team of International Alert consists of Dr. Ulrike Joras (co-author of the DSF-study) and Diana Klein. International Alert is the project’s adviser when it comes to the development of the guidelines. International Alert is a 27-year old peace-building organisation helping conflict-affected people to increase prospects for peace and security. By advising governments, international organizations and the private sector, International Alert specializes in cross-cutting peace and security themes – the economy, climate change, gender, international institutions’ roles, development aid impact, and the effects of good and bad governance. International Alert provides research and analysis on Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS); implement peace-building programmes; and support others with conflict-sensitivity.

More specifically, International Alert has been engaging with the private sector for over a decade, researching its role in conflict and peace and assisting businesses in mitigating conflict risks and impacts. International Alert is one of the founding members of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and the author of Conflict Sensitive Business Practice: Guidance for the extractive industry.

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