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KURBITS business development program

Kurbits business development program, designed especially for small businesses in the tourism industry, is nominated by the European Commission as a best practice in the framework of the EU strategy “Europe, the world’s No 1 tourist destination.”

Kurbits is the first national business development program that caters specifically to small-scale tourism enterprises with industry-specific methodology, content and tools. Over 400 entrepreneurs have completed the program across the country (Sweden) with a result of developing their business and increasing their profitability.

Kurbits has been nominated as a pioneering example in the EU for cross-sector initiative and innovation in the field of tourism as a means to boost competitiveness in the sector with the involvement of small and medium enterprises. The award is announced at the beginning of autumn 2013, when the European Commission aims to establish recommendations for the use of common models and transferring best practices within the tourism sector at European level.

Kurbits started as a pilot project in Dalarna, Sweden, and has now evolved into a national innovation system identified in Europe. Now, Kurbits can be an innovation system to increase development within the tourism industry even outside the country.


The Ultimate Experience: VINNOVA

The Innovation Agency Vinnova has under the announcement Challenge Driven Innovation granted the Swedish Tourism Innovation Center, an initialization program that aims to develop digital services to make available a total experience of nature and culture in Sweden. The project title is “The Ultimate Experience – enabling accessibility to nature and culture in Sweden.”

Vinnova’s citation reads: “The availability of sustainable, competitive total experience of nature and culture in Sweden is a challenge and a goal for the whole of Sweden, and one untapped large potential growth engine. This powerful constellation as a concrete working out practical solutions, services and offerings, we expect will to have great potential to achieve collaborative program in challenge-driven innovation spirit. ” is Sweden’s largest community for tourism entrepreneurs and provides an interactive meeting and information point for people working in, or looking to create a dialogue with stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry. Here you can discuss issues, receive news and publish your own presentations, reports, news and develop your business network. Initiator to is the Swedish Travel and Tourism Industry Federation (RTS) and is since 2013 operated and developed by the Swedish Tourism Innovation Center.