The operations of the Innovation Center aim at stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism by developing new partnerships through programs and cross-border networks in the tourism industry, public sector, industry and academia – nationally and internationally.

The Innovation Center develops models for innovation together with stakeholders and program partners. Innovation is defined as new products, services, markets, business models, processes or organizational models that create economic benefits to the industry and society.


  • Stimulate innovation climate in the tourism industry in collaboration with stakeholders and program partners across borders
  • Bringing together different stakeholders, build relationships and break down barriers to create innovative and interdisciplinary collaborations that help to develop tourism.
  • Developing innovative products, services and business models for the tourism industry
  • Visualizing the development and importance of tourism as a tool of addressing global societal challenges

The Swedish Tourism Innovation Center has an operational organization that coordinates and manages a range of independent software tasks together with national and international partners in the tourism industry, public sector, industry and academia.