What is the Swedish Tourism Innovation Center?

The Swedish Tourism Innovation Center AB is a national and international arena and platform for cross-border collaboration for increased innovation related to tourism.

The Swedish Tourism Innovation Center develops models to support innovation creating value for the tourism industry, other industries and society.


The operations of the Innovation Center aim at stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism by developing new partnerships through programs and cross-border networks in the tourism industry, public sector, industry and academia – nationally and internationally.

The Innovation Center develops models for innovation together with stakeholders and program partners. Innovation is defined as new products, services, markets, business models, processes or organizational models that create economic benefits to the industry and society.


Stimulate innovation climate in the tourism industry in collaboration with stakeholders and program partners across borders

Bringing together different stakeholders, build relationships and break down barriers to create innovative and interdisciplinary collaborations that help to develop tourism.


The Swedish Tourism Innovation Center is a link between stakeholders and program partners for transnational discussions on challenges and new partnerships that can lead to activities in different innovation related programs.

A) Via Innovation Lab: Develop professional and transnational networking and cooperation on challenges where innovative solutions are generated and a bank of ideas is developed.

B) Via operational programs and projects workshop: Develop models for innovation to be disseminated to local, regional and international actors within and outside the tourism industry.

The aim is to stimulate cross-border cooperation on challenges that generate initiatives and solutions driving innovation and tourism development.

Advisory Board

Anna Eliasson Schamis, Senior Advisor, Fundraising and Business Development

Cecilia Hertz, CEO & Founder, Umbilical Design (Swe)

Cordula Wohlmuther, Advisory Board Members, Project Coordinator, Project Tourism and Peace (Austria)

Daria Akhutina, Director, Norden Association of Russia (St.Petersburg)

Dave van Smeerdijk, Head of Marketing and Sales, Wilderness Safaries (South Africa)

Faith Taylor, Innovation and Sustainability Expert for Wyndham Worldwide (U.S)

Karin Nilsdotter, CEO, Spaceport Sweden (Swe)

Michael Flynn, Scientist of the Bioenginering Branch at NASA (U.S)

Michael Martelon, President and CEO, Telluride Tourism Board (U.S)

Stefan Gustafsson, vice President Strategic Security, SSC- Swedish Space Corporation (Swe)

Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, UNWTO: United Nations World Tourism Organisation (Spain)

Teo Hären, Creativity Expert, interesting.org (Swe)

Tim Smit, Chief Executive and co-founder, Eden Project (U.K)


Jan Lundin


E-mail: jan.lundin@tourisminnovation.se

Mobil: +46 70 458 27 29

Box 10119, 100 55 Stockholm, Sweden

Emilie Eliasson Hovmöller

Head of Communication

E-mail: emilie.eliasson-hovmoller@tourisminnovation.se

Mobil: +46 70 710 74 18

Box 10119, 100 55 Stockholm, Sweden

Andreas Näsman

Program Manager Outpace


Mobil: ++46 70 623 52 35

Box 10119, 100 55 Stockholm, Sweden